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Finnish Industrial Symbiosis System (FISS) is an operation model based on co-operation in which companies make efficient use of each other’s side-flows, technology, expertise and services. What might be side-flow or waste to one company becomes a profitable resource for another, saves costs and reduces environmental effects.

Facilitation of symbioses and co-development

FISS – Finnish Industrial Symbiosis System is based on active facilitation of symbioses and co-development. It aims to promote, in particular those symbioses, which would not otherwise be materialized.

Regional organizers take care of the symbiosis promotion in practice. Their tasks include business activation and commitment, exchange of resource information and networking. FISS-workshops are a focal tool in businesses activation, resource data collection and the identification of synergies.

Waste hierarchy implementation

FISS aims at promoting new business opportunities, re-use of waste and reducing use of natural resources. The goal is to advance the implementation of waste hierarchy. FISS activities promote resource efficiency of different actors in the regions and can be seen as an important tool in regional development and circular economy.

Materiaalitori – the platform for wastes and side streams, the platform for wastes and side streams, is used as a tool for the professional exchange of waste and side streams from companies. Materiaalitori also allows searching for and offering related services, such as waste management and specialist services. Those working in the field can use Materiaalitori transparently and free of charge.